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Core Business Services

I Can Fix IT.net provides systems integration, network design and implementation and support services. We also offer e-commerce and business application design services based on Internet/Intranet technologies.

I can Fix IT possess the exposure and expertise to help leverage your existing Corporate LAN and deploy Intranets. The following are the activities that would enable the development of a fully functional and streamlined business environment for your enterprise:
· Integration of the intranet with your pre-existing LAN environment
· Establishment of internal email and discussion groups
· Development of chat and scheduling infrastructure.
· Publish web pages for your intranet that can be accessed by authorized users.
· Extending your primary intranets and connecting them to existing databases, enabling query-based applications
· Develop workflow applications to streamline your business processes
· IP enabled LAN using audio, video and data communication
· Further extension of intranets to extranets that provides access to your suppliers, customers and other such business interactions

Our core business services includes:
Project Management
Networking Infrastructure 
Security Management

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