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Software, Hardware and Network Support

Rate Sheet - All Services are $ 60.00 per Hour

Quarterly Checkup & Proactive Services                                  

Virus Detection and Removal
Virus definition update
Network cable resolution
Service Packs and hot-fix upgrades
Hard Drive defragmentation
Keyboard and monitor cleanup                                                
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CPU dust blow-out
Data Backup
Email Archiving
.pst and mailbox backup
System Image Snapshot Creation

Computer/Workstation Services
Malware detection/clean and Virus definition update
Hard Drive Install/Replacement
Floppy Drive Install/Replacement
DVD or CDROM Install/Replacement
NIC Install/Replacement
Power Supply Install/Replacement
Fan Install/Replacement  
Web cam Install/Replacement
Printer Install
Hard Drive Defragmentation
Virus Detection and Removal
Memory Upgrade
Application Install (CDs required)
Application Re-Install (CDs required)
Operating System Re-install (CDs required)
Operating Systems Upgrade (CDs required)
Service Packs and hotfix upgrades
Dial-up Modem setup
Cable Modem Setup - Rogers
DSL Modem Setup - Bell
Wireless Modem Setup
Browser resolution
Data Backup
Data Restoration
Password resolution
System Image Creation
Keyboard and monitor cleanup
Network & Tel. cable resolution
Internet connection resolution
Email problem resolution
Email setup & re-configuration
Email archiving /.pst and mailbox backup
Network Services
Network OS Installation and Configuration
Windows 2000/2003
Windows Vista/XP
Windows Small Business Server 2000/2003
Network Operating System Re-install (CDs required)
Network Operating System Upgrade (CDs required)
Service Packs and hotfix upgrades
Server - Troubleshooting
Workstation – Troubleshooting
Directory Design - Active Directory
Desktop Rollout - Vista/XP/Windows 2000
Data Migration
Wireless Network Design and Implementation

Customised Training

Microsoft Office 2000/2002/2003
Microsoft Access 2000/2002/2003 Programming
Microsoft Vista User
Windows XP
Windows 2000/2003
Cisco CCNA Test Prep

"Come talk to us … we do listen”

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