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Small Business Network Package


What we can do for your Business:
  • Help your business operating more efficiently, with higher productivity, and at lower costs!
  • Implement technology into your business plans, constantly reassessing how technology can enhance your business.
  • Plan your technology projects and asset acquisitions so that you can build your networks in a modular fashion, without having to constantly "rip and replace" at great financial expense and business interruption.
  • Evaluate and implement data protection strategies including network security, backup procedures, virus protection and power protection.
  • Develop, test and maintain company wide disaster recovery plans.
  • Manage major system conversions.
  • Provide Periodic Maintenance for your technology.

If you want to implement IT solutions with the expertise, tools and techniques necessary to maximize your corporate profits within budget and schedule....

Small Business Network Design

Phase 1: Pre-Project Planning
Timeline: Typically done over
1 business day.

This work includes meeting with the client to review our engagement letter; making a final assessment of your needs; reviewing our project checklist; confirming the placement of the workstations and server; discussing infrastructure matters such as wiring, hardware, software orders, service orders (Telco, Internet service), and so on.

Our infrastructure specialist will perform a walkthrough of the site with the key client contact.
Issues that must be resolved at this stage are:
·Installation issues such as server and desktop hardware and OS preference
· Message system preference, application installations and business rules issues.
· Directory configuration such as domain name, containers, user names, group policies.
· Domain name and re-registration
· Web site and email Hosting.

Phase 2: Server Build
Software (recommended): Windows 2003
Hardware (recommended): Intel Pentium 4 Xeon Processor (2.4 GHz )
RAID 1: 2x 80 GB + Hard Drives(7200 rpm), 2x 36GB SCSI Hard Drives(7600 rpm)
External Backup
Timeline: This work is typically performed over
2 business days commencing at the end of Phase 1 and most of this can be done off-site.
This includes setup and optimization of the server so that, at the end of this phase, your company will have a functional file server that performs the following functions/roles: file server, print server, internal e-mail, and tape backups (including the installation of third party backup applications such as Backup Exec). The network printer(s) is installed at this phase as well as the user names and machine names are added. Your network directory is installed and configured. Some file system security is implemented and data migration can be done at this phase but this is dependent on the disruption that this may cause to work in progress.

Phase 2 does not include the following:
· Installation of e-mail services, remote access, or Internet services at this stage.
· Complete migration of data from existing servers.
· Installation or configuration of additional servers.

Phase 3: Workstation Build and Desktop Applications Installation

Timeline: This work is typically performed over
2 business days during Phase 2.
Most of this work can be done off-site if necessary.
Software (recommended): Windows Vista or XP, Office 2003
Hardware (recommended): Intel Viiv Processor (2.4 GHz or better)
Hard Drive: 1x 80GB Hard Drives(7600 rpm)
Monitor: 17” Flat Panel Screens
This work includes the physical installation and client setup of each workstation (client operating system, email client, faxing client, Internet Explorer and/or Netscape, and Office 2003). After this phase your network will be a functional LAN with the following services:
· Network File and Print Services;
· File System Security;
· Email and Messaging – internal;
· Desktop connectivity.

Phase 3 does not include the following:
· Installation/troubleshooting of user specific applications.
· Total migration of user data.

Phase 4: Data Migration, Additional Server Configuration and Application Installation
Timeline: Onsite and up to
2 business days following Phase 3

Data can now be migrated from any existing server(s) to the new server and additional application installations can be done at this time. Email from users desktops is moved to the message server. Features such as shared calendars, shared contacts, public folders, are configured if needed. Additional security configurations can be made to complement your business operations.

Phase 5: High Speed Internet connectivity and External Email Setup

Timeline: Onsite and up to
2 business days following Phase 4.
The broadband router is installed and firewall configuration is done in this phase. Virus and other malware prevention software is also installed. At this point we can now set up Internet connectivity as well as external e-mail provisioning providing the ISP and Telco make the correct configuration. We will also configure a firewall to protect your network from intrusion. Basically, a firewall examines each network packet to determine whether to forward it to its destination.

After this phase, your network will be a functional LAN with the following services:
· Network File and Print Services;
· Active Directory
· Group Policy Configuration
· Email and Messaging – internal & external;
· Desktop connectivity to the Internet;
· Prevention from virus and other malware attack.

Phase 6: Documentation

Timeline: Done during the phases.

Documentation is a continuous activity present in every phase. While shown separately, documentation is integral to the successful delivery of your system. This includes the following:
· Detailed network diagrams
· Server configurations
· Desktop configurations
· Group policy
· Backup and recovery strategies

Phase 7: Training

Timeline: Onsite and up to
2 business days following Phase 5.
We recommend training of users on basic network and application usage.

Phase 8: Optional Installs (Highly Recommended)
Timeline: Onsite and up to 2 business days following Phase 5.
We do recommend that you consider adding the following component to your network.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) 

A VPN will allow your business to take advantage of the Internet and affordable broadband transmissions for secure, private communications. VPN can bring outstanding benefits to mobile, home users and branch offices. VPN, technology lets communication flow in a secure, encrypted "tunnel" across the Internet between two VPN gateway devices, or between a personal computer and a VPN gateway device. Many businesses consider VPN technology a cost-effective way to securely connect remote offices and telecommuters to their corporate network.

Phase 9: Feedback and Re-work Loop
We typically hand off network administration duties to in-house staff at this point. Feedback and adjustments are constantly made throughout every phase. Visits to the site may be necessary for resolution/troubleshooting of end user problems, network problems, and so on. We also encourage staff and users to ask questions during these visits so that they can better make use of the network.

After-Sale Support: Preventive Maintenance Programs
I Can Fix IT.net offers a variety of affordable support services to insure that you will have somewhere to turn whenever you need help. We can custom-design a preventive maintenance program to include any or all of the following services:

"Call I Can Fix IT.. We Will Listen and FIX IT!"

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